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MAD PUPS: Equipping children to deal with crime.

Published on 2012-07-04

South Africa is referred to as the crime capital of the world and sadly, our children are affected by crime on a daily basis. Do they know what to do when confronted with a criminal traumatic situation? Would we, as a nation, feel more comfortable knowing that they have been educated in how best to handle themselves and the circumstance?

With the rate of crime in Johannesburg higher than any other city in South Africa, and the fact that I am a mother of five, I have often wondered how my children would cope should they ever find themselves a victim of crime. Having lived in Johannesburg all my life and being hi-jacked when I was 13, I have first-hand knowledge of the fear and the absolute helplessness that one experiences at times like these.

MAD (making a difference) is a crime prevention programme run by Penny Steyn, also of Johannesburg, and is undertaken in conjunction with the Police, residents and their employees. It is aimed at teaching domestic workers how to prevent crime and how they too can be MAKING A DIFFERENCE. MAD Pups was born out of this hugely successful program with the aim of helping children learn to recognise and avoid potential risks, so that they can deal with them if they happen.

I started MAD Pups, aimed at primary and high-school children, and have specifically developed the programme to make children more aware and equip them to deal with crime, should they ever find themselves in a difficult unfortunate incident. MAD Pups teaches children how to remain silent, stay calm, remain alert and aware, taking in all their surroundings and most importantly, how to seek help. These basic rules are presented at a level that children can easily relate to and remember.

Designed as an interactive workshop, children leave feeling empowered rather than fearful. Workshops are being held around the country and I would strongly recommend that parents encourage their local schools to host a workshop or even arrange for a private workshop for families and small communities.

I can be contacted any time on 083 677 1402 to find out more. Follow me on facebook for regular tips and updates.