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Missing Children Safety Tips

Published on 2012-07-05

Some General Safety Tips:


  • There is NO WAITING PERIOD for reporting a person missing to the nearest police station.
  • Should you report a person to the police station and the police officer tells you to come back after 24 hours, demand to speak to the station commander.  Or, alternatively, contact Missing Children SA and the organisation will intervene and assist wherever possible.

When reporting a person missing to the police station, the following information will be required:

  • Full name of missing person
  • Age of missing person
  • Description of missing person
  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour/style
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Distinctive marks – scars/birthmarks

Where was the person last seen

Clothes the person was wearing

Missing Children South Africa have an informal document that serves as a guideline to parents about what will be needed by SAPS when a child goes missing.  They call it the Interim ID Kit.  It can be downloaded from their website.  Contact Details for Missing Children SA:


Emergency Number:               072MISSING / 072 647 7464

General Enquiries/Office:       021 950 1546

E-mail Address:                       info@missingchildren.org.za

Website:                                  www.missingchildren.org.za