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Meerkat Wisdom

Published on 2012-09-12


Like the Meerkat, plant your own grass. Meerkats don’t spend their lives looking for other animals’ grass in the hope that it will be juicier and greener.  They plant their own grass, nuture it and take the time to enjoy. Unlike meerkats, we always think  that the grass is greener on the other side.  All the while the green grass right under our feet is the best, but we can’t see it because our focus is elsewhere, to a future of “what if” and “if only.” So often we live our lives as if on a train, travelling on and on in the hope of finding a better, warmer, grander station.  Oddly all the stations we stop at are never quite what we thought or hoped they would be and we live with a sense of having lost something – but we are not sure what. Live your life with a heightened awareness of grasping the opportunities of the moment!  After all, your life is what it is because of the choices you made or failed to make. Are you behaving like a clever meerkat – planting and tending your own grass, or are you constantly focusing your energy on wanting other people’s grass? 

Lesson 12 from African Wisdom by Dr Lanette Hattingh & Heinrich Claassen