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Online Dating Scams

Published on 2012-10-07

On-line dating – the latest scam Not all criminals are violent but some are very astute. So who are vulnerable? People in an emotional state are a good bet. So where to find them? On-line dating sites. I have recently heard of the experiences of a woman who had a particularly stressful and messy divorce. After a period of recovery she decided that as a person very much on her own, she would tentatively start dating again. But where do you find a partner when you have hit the half century mark? On-line dating! Here she couldn’t believe her luck. She hooked up with an ex-pat South African engineer further north in Africa who, having made his millions, was now planning to return to South Africa, and desperately wanted a lady in his life. His credentials looked great, his story was plausible and his photograph revealed a tanned hunk. He had no encumbrances like children and painted a future picture of luxurious living in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg when not travelling the world. The lady was hooked. Things progressed until the moment before he was due to fly back. Suddenly there was an emergency. His money was tied up and on its way south, but this African state had suddenly demanded R100 000 tax before he would be allowed to leave. Wouldn’t she just help out until he got back to SA? Fortunately the alarm bells rang. And that was the end of a beautiful romance. Then there is another woman I know who belongs to an ethnic group where divorce is frowned upon. She is a successful career woman who has done very well, but she was saddled with an abusive husband who took out his work inadequacies by physically abusing her. As something of a workaholic whose home life was miserable, she eventually filed for divorce. Unfortunately work can only be fulfilling to a degree, and home, where you are shunned by your friends because of the divorce, becomes very lonely. She went on-line looking for companionship. And suddenly one morning there was Bill on her doorstep. Direct from the UK, to comfort her. He moved in and has played his cards well. He makes her feel special, while he has a free meal ticket. He is always about to get a job, or open a business, but never quite gets around to it. She makes good money so why should he put himself out? This set up has now caused further alienation from her children, and who knows where the future will lead? I questioned him on what he had been doing before, and putting two and two together it looks as though work is not for him, but vulnerable women are. It appears that the German woman he sponged off before leeching onto my acquaintance finally got her life together and threw him out. So beware of con artists, particularly if you are emotionally vulnerable. And just take a look at the fraud statistics on Crimestats SA. It’s not a pretty picture! Chris Meintjes