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Workforce terrorism? Why you need undercover agents

Published on 2012-10-15

I would defend to my last breath the right of organised labour to have collective bargaining rights through an accredited Union or representative.

But with rights come responsibilities. Outrageous and unrealistic demands are simply destructive to any industry and to the nation.

What is happening in the labour market at present does not make any logical sense. Any business that has a sizeable workforce is faced with a form of terrorism. There is no feeling of working towards a common success goal. Aggression, damage to equipment (a torched truck can cost you millions) and property and a culture of industrial action (this year, not even managed by accredited representatives) ask a lot of questions.


If you analyse it, South Africa is faced with two aggravating issues. We need to create jobs because of a serious unemployment situation. But the rapidly growing cost of living means that salaries are under tremendous pressure. Mechanisation, as suggested by a senior public figure, is not the solution.


Then there is one of the biggest challenges facing this country – an overwhelming attitude of entitlement. Particularly (as I read recently) our Productivity levels are at their worst for more than 40 years!


From what Management says, the demands are simply not realistic. And the labour forces have resorted to wanton destruction of property and loss of life. The codicil which is even more disturbing is the involvement of the SAPS and further loss of life.


The way it looks at present, the outcome can only be a catastrophic one. Industries and mines closing down, which will then lead to civil unrest perpetrated by a workless labour force. Costs will rise, as will interest rates, the currency will decline in value, sparking increased fuel costs and inflation.


Internationally investment funds will dry up, and we will lose our pre-eminent spot as the gateway to the rest of Africa (a lot of which is doing very nicely thank you). And this isn’t just doom and gloom – look at the international Ratings Agencies and see how they have downgraded us on all sorts of issues – banking, Telkom etc.


Our growth rate has just fallen by a further, 3%. And a major recession looms.


But how can you take action against this vicious spiral?


The key is information. WE all know that knowledge is power. With the current trend towards workplace terrorism, do you really know what is going on in your workforce? If you knew which members of your staff are the troublemakers and what their next move will be? If you did, you would be in a far better position to take remedial action. It could save your company, and your livelihood, and the livelihoods of loyal, hardworking staff members.


This is where undercover placements come in. Well-trained agents who not only know what to look for but become your eyes and ears. 


Security Service Consultants unobtrusively place undercover agents among your workforce who can keep you informed of what is really happening.


It could make all the difference.


This is not the forum to discuss techniques, but there are plenty of case studies to prove just how well it works.


Contact Howard Griffiths on 011 786 8556 or 082 449 0317.